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Develop your ExitStrategy™

I’m Christian M. Frank Fas, and Welcome to the Expat Expert!

Over a span of 20 years, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur, starting and growing a diverse portfolio of businesses throughout my career.

I developed the right system.

Now, I have enough time to explore the world, the inner peace to develop new ideas, and I can travel indefinitely while growing multiple enterprises. All this by leveraging a combination of personal behavioral hacks, lifelong multidisciplinary research, and the vicarious experiences I’ve collected throughout my career. They’ve allowed me to develop a personal plan that maximizes the advantages of living abroad, and the quality of life it offers.

That’s what I do. I teach other global citizens how to develop their own efficient self-sustaining systems of financial independence and personal development. Most importantly, I continue to learn by sharing and executing both tried and true techniques, as well as new ideas on how to achieve what we all seek: freedom.

Immigration Law

Develop your ExitStrategy™

The ExitStrategy is a personalized, comprehensive and easy-to-understand report that enables you to distinguish the strengths, risks and liabilities associated with establishing a second residence or acquiring dual citizenship abroad — so you can quickly assess the likelihood of your success and return of your investment. After representing thousands of individuals and businesses across the United States legal system, and over 15 years of unrelenting legal research and personal experimentation, we are proud to help you prepare a personalized and comprehensive ExitStrategy™ to:

  • Minimize your tax liability to o%
  • Obtain multiple citizenships and assist you with renouncing your current citizenship.
  • Obtain the knowledge and freedom to invest anywhere your business takes you.
  • Secure your banking privacy.
  • Secure your financial privacy.
  • Travel whenever and wherever you want.
  • Live the lifestyle you deserve.

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Puerto Rico Tax Benefits

Puerto Rico is a fiscal paradise.

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and an unincorporated US territory. Although it is part of the United States and the same laws apply, it has an independent tax system. To stimulate economic growth, Puerto Rico introduced generous tax incentives with Act 20 and Act 22, currently Act 60, which offer outstanding tax incentives to residents and export service companies, such as:

  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No Distribution of Dividends Tax
  • Flat Rate 4% Corporate Tax
  • No Property Tax
  • No Municipal Tax
  • No Estate Tax

This makes Puerto Rico the perfect location for digital nomads, online entrepreneurs, day traders, crypto investors and high net worth individuals.

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Achieve financial independence by becoming an Expat.

Explore the option of leaving your home country as a short or long term financial, retirement or investment strategy.

Broaden your horizons and stack the odds in your favor by having multiple residences or citizenships. Leverage favorably your current financial stance by globally positioning your resources. Make the most of jurisdiction shopping and flag theory. Lighten your economic load, and become more financially agile. Then, enjoy the freedom that working only by choice brings.

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