About Christian M. Frank Fas, Esq.

Hi, I’m Christian M. Frank, and I’m here to help you move abroad.
I’ve been an attorney for many years and have lived in multiple countries. I know what it’s like to live in a foreign country, having to deal with new cultures and language barriers, but also the joy of exploring a completely new place.


I’m here to help you get started on your journey towards living abroad. I’ll walk you through the steps of moving abroad, helping you find the right destination for your needs, whether that’s Europe or Asia.


I’ve been practicing international law for 15 years and have worked with clients around the world. In addition to being an expat myself, many of my clients are also expats who need guidance navigating international law when moving overseas.


I’ve worked with clients from all over the world – from China to Iceland – so I know how important it is that you feel comfortable when investing in real estate or opening a bank account in another country. I have connections all over the world who can help make sure everything goes smoothly!


It doesn’t matter if you want to move because of taxes or an investment opportunity – we’ll make sure that your assets are protected against lawsuits wherever they go.


I was born and raised in a small, rural town in western Puerto Rico. I graduated with honors as a Criminology major in 2003, and then obtained a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University Law School of Puerto Rico in 2006.

As an avid reader and researcher, I’ve always enjoyed acquiring new skills and interests. Here’s a short list of my passions and accomplishments:

Over a span of 20 years, I’ve also been a serial entrepreneur, owning a diverse portfolio of businesses throughout my career. At first, I sold computer gear out of the trunk of my car, ran an online eBay store, and grew that business into a pizza restaurant and a roadside grill.

Then, I established my own law firm in 2007.

I started my own law firm immediately after passing the Puerto Rico Bar, where I specialized in Intra-State relations, with extreme particularity to how Puerto Rico differed from other territories, and how federal law applied. I’ve since provided legal counsel and representation to thousands of clients in both civil and criminal cases before multiple state and federal district courts.

Partly because of the financial downturn, and partly due to my love of craft beer, I relocated from my lifelong home in Puerto Rico to Denver, Colorado, to start anew with an immigration law firm. Little could I imagine that it would grow from bootstrapped to a seven-figure firm in yearly revenue in only a few years. I have since sold the Removal Defense section of my firm to a bigger law firm, and I continue to provide management and guidance as we expand our coverage throughout the United States.

My lifelong dream had always been to travel and experience the world firsthand, but finding the right combination of available time, finances, and personal path for growth required an extreme ongoing effort, seemingly endless hours of micromanagement, and significant self-discovery. I thought that limitless financial growth was the only way to achieve this…

After enough experimenting, I developed the right system. I now have enough time and financial independence to explore, the inner peace to develop new ideas, and I can travel indefinitely at will, all while growing my multiple enterprises.

I achieved all this by leveraging a combination of personal behavioral hacks, lifelong multidisciplinary research, and the vicarious experiences I’ve collected throughout my career. They’ve allowed me to develop a personal plan that maximizes the advantages of living abroad, and the quality of life it offers.

Now, I teach other other global citizens like myself how to develop efficient self-sustaining systems of financial independence and personal development. Most importantly, I continue to learn by sharing and implementing both proven techniques, as well as new ideas on how to achieve that balance.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about me:

Who is Christian M. Frank Fas, Esq.?

Christian M. Frank Fas, Esq. is an internationally recognized civil rights attorney, professional immigration media source, published author, long time visionary and serial global entrepreneur who leveraged a combination of personal experimentation, multidisciplinary research, and vicarious experience throughout his career to develop a personal relocation plan that maximizes the advantages of immigration, tax and quality of life improvements offered by long-term travel.  

You can learn more about Christian on our Who is the Expat Expert? page.

What cases have you handled?

Here’s a list of some of the legal matters I have represented over the years:

  • Legal counsel and representation to mainland USA clients who required representation in Puerto Rico.
  • Complex interstate divorces involving division of marital estates.
  • Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act Defense.
  • Interstate Child Support Defense.
  • Disputes over breach of exclusive distribution contracts of products and services.
  • Business startup planning, creation and formation in Puerto Rico.
  • Legal counsel to multiple Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm related industries, including import, export and excise tax compliance, and international trade.
  • Complex probate, estate division and impeachment of testaments in Puerto Rico.
  • Development of digital notary practices.
  • Alpha and Beta testing of electronic document filing systems in multiple legal jurisdictions.
  • Family immigration including waivers, VAWA and U Visa applications.
  • Complex removal cases before Immigration Court.
  • Asylum Defense in Removal Proceedings before Immigration Court.
  • Immigration Appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals.
  • Immigration Appeals before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Civil Rights Violation Lawsuits before Federal District Court.

I’m a journalist. Can I interview Christian?

We believe that the Press is the fourth democratic branch of government, so we’re always willing to collaborate with responsible journalists. We believe freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, and any way The Expat Expert can provide assistance is encouraged.

For inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Can Christian speak at my venue?

I’m available to speak at any event that aligns both ethically and intellectually with our visions and mission. We charge a fee for most appearances, in addition to paid bidirectional travel to the event. Most arrangements can be negotiated. 

Contact us for additional information.

Are you my lawyer?

Although some of the information we provide may be considered legal in nature, only a licensed attorney can provide legal counsel. Given the nature of international laws, offshore businesses, and the path to becoming an expat, it is difficult at best, impossible at worst, for a single individual to be licensed in all jurisdictions.

While the author of this webpage, Christian M. Frank Fas, is in actuality a licensed attorney, none of the information provided here, nor the ExitStrategy™, can be considered legal counsel. Only through the engagement of our third-party service providers can legal services and counsel be provided in wherever you choose to relocate.

For additional information, please read our End-User Agreement and Disclaimers.

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